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Bookkeeping Services

Aynat Ambition Inc. offers a core set of bookkeeping services to all clients for a monthly fee. These are the essential services needed to gain a better understanding of your business.

Financial Activity Monitoring & Quarterly Reports

The first step in understanding your business better is to understand where your money is coming from and where it's going. The core service of any bookkeeper is to provide and explain detailed quarterly financial reports. We also guarantee that our reports will be on time. Every month. The following services are part of financial activity monitoring and quarterly reports.

  • Document management. We help you organize all of your invoices & receipts.

  • Recording and classifying all financial activity that has to do with your business.

  • Presentation and discussion of quarterly financial reports based on that financial activity in language you can understand. Those reports include:

    • Balance Sheet

    • Profit & Loss Statement

    • Statement of Cashflows

  • Annual reports sent directly to your CPA. Let us worry about making sure your CPA has the correct information.

Monthly Bank Reconciliation & Accounting Software Subscription

Matching your bank statements with your financial activity is important. It is how we prevent fraud and embezzlement. It is also very impressive to financial institutions when applying for any type of loan and to potential buyers if you are considering selling your business in the future. The following services are part of reconciliation and software:

  • Monthly bank reconciliation for up to 2 accounts.

    • Matching bank statements with actual expenses and revenue

    • Ensuring your financial activity is correct

    • Fraud and embezzlement monitoring

    • More bank accounts can be added for a small monthly fee

  • Accounting software subscription.

    • Subscription to QuickBooks Online or Xero is included in your monthly fees

Additional Services

At Aynat Ambition Inc, we believe that great communication is key! We believe in being proactive, not reactive when it comes to communication. Rather than just communicating with you when something goes wrong, we communicate in advance to make sure everything goes right! We return all communications within 24 hours. The following services are part of communication:

  • One hour of direct communication per month.

    • Presentation of monthly financial reports via Skype or Zoom

    • Quarterly goal setting via Skype or Zoom

    • Questions or concerns that cannot be handled by email

  • Unlimited email support for financial questions and concerns.

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