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A Bookkeeper vs An Accountant

The closer I get to the final days as an employee and the start of my journey as an entrepreneur the more doubtful I seem to get about this next phase. Will I succeed or will I fail?

I’m reflecting on being hired as a full charged bookkeeper soon after graduating high school. I’m revisiting a time when no matter how much experience you had as an accountant you were not considered an accountant without having a degree in accounting.

Last but not least is my memory of venturing from the small business world to the corporate world. I left a small business in 2008 heading to the BIG corporate world. My manager at the time told me that if I went to a large corporate company I’ll be stifling my growth. I didn’t believe him, I believed that with me going to a large corporation I would be exposed to every aspect of accounting. What I failed to realize is that even though the corporate world has every aspect of accounting you’re often stuck in a department working only part of the accounting process.

I realize today that I had more hands on experience being “overworked” in a job where I was accounts receivables, accounts payable and payroll. I’ve worked in intercompany, inventory, account reconciliations and finally revenue but at the end of the day I’m still left wondering is it enough knowledge to step out and start my own business.

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